What is Myth Nightclub's dress code?

While quality is key, we want you to feel comfortable expressing, and enjoying yourself. Although we recommend appropriate attire, we welcome your expressions. “Dress up to get down” is our motto. Play your part, and have fun in an environment you would be proud to call your own. View the dress code here.

What are you not allowed to wear at Myth?

Our door people are trained to know when someone should not be entering the venue. If you are coming from a construction site with holes in your clothes, this is likely not the time to be coming to Myth Nightclub. However, if you are just getting off from the corporate job, you’re likely dressed to attend. Please see the dress code here.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

While it is not mandatory to reserve tickets in advance, it is highly recommended. Myth Nightclub often reaches capacity. Reserving a ticket online guarantees your admission. Additionally, you can often reserve free and discount tickets by visiting our ticketing page here. Myth Nightclub accepts both cash and credit at the door, and tickets are generally $5 to $15 more expensive at the door than they are online (if they are still available).

Where can I purchase event tickets?

You can purchase tickets on this page, on the iPhone app, or at the gate (if we are not sold out).

How do I reserve a VIP table?

You can reserve a VIP table online here. You can also call 904.742.1748 or email jon@mythexperience.com

What is included in VIP bottle service?

Depending on the table that you choose you can opt to seat anywhere from 2 to 8 guests. You get a bottle of liquor (with the option to purchase additional bottles), mixers, and your own personal VIP hostess for the evening. VIP specials range depending on the event. You can see the description of each section on the ticketing page here. Please call 904.742.1748 or email jon@mythexperience.com with any additional questions.

Can I choose which VIP section I would like to be seating at?

Myth has several VIP sections available. You can see your table options by clicking here (available on a first come first serve basis). Once you have chosen your table, you can reserve it online here.

How old do you have to be to enter?

Myth Nightclub is an 18+ establishment. However, there are certain events that are 21+ and in some rare cases, events that are all ages. We recommend clicking on the event that you wish to attend on this page. Thereafter, you will be redirected to a ticketing page with the full event description, including age requirements for that specific event.

Pro Tip: Males between the ages of 18-20 will generally have to wait in line longer on the weekends if they are not accompanied by a female.

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